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"Promoting Unity among the body of Christ since 1988!" 

This program is still being developed. Therefore, more information will be made available as we move forward. 

The idea of this program is to offer "Ordination of Ministers," or "Recognition & Confirmation of Apostles," or "Confirmation of Bishops" 
as we intend to provide a Certificate for display, and a personal I.D. card. 

We are also working toward some type of Affiliation of membership to churches and/or ministries with WBSITC. 
This means that churches or ministries will be in fellowship with WBSITC, where we provide spiritual guidance and oversight, but NOT to take on any financial responsibility on the part of WBSITC. 
WBSITC will NOT be legally responsible for your church or ministry, nor for ANY legal decisions that you make for your ministry. 



1. WBSITC MINISTER'S FELLOWSHIP is a program where we will consider providing a  ministers credential for those who qualify through our application process. You will be required to answer any and all questions that are deemed necessary by this ministry, due to the fact that WBSITC is taking your word of honor as being responsible for your reputation and actions as a minister in your individual country, as stated on your application. 

2. LEGAL DISCLOSURE OF WBSITC means that WBSITC states that it is a legal Non-Profit Corporation in "Good Standing" with the State of Missouri in the USA. However, be it known that the Directors of WBSITC choose as its method of operation to be the standards we determine to be valid from the scriptures. Therefore, WBSITC will consider your application for "Ordination of Ministers," or "Recognition & Confirmation of Apostles," or "Confirmation of Bishops" both for male or female, which means that WBSITC expects from you as a minister covered by WBSITC, to conduct yourself as such. 

However, WBSITC cannot consider providing credentials for same-sex married individuals, those in prison, those in any type of negative illegal dealings, nor will WBSITC sanction our ministers to perform weddings for same-sex couples. Also, be it known that any Chartered Member Church, Ministry or Minister, Apostle or Bishop who may be in fellowship with or credentialed with this organization is not to perform ceremonies for same-sex married couples. Be it known that WBSITC will continue to love all mankind unconditionally, however, this belief is more thoroughly explained in our "Statement of Beliefs." 

3. MINISTERS CREDENTIALS is a certificate provided by WBSITC for 
"Ordination of Ministers," or "Recognition & Confirmation of Apostles," or "Confirmation of Bishops" only after the required application process has been completed. If credentials (Ordination, Recognition, Confirmation) is approved, you will be required to join us in a brief credentialing ceremony either in person, or via the internet (Skype, Messenger, IMO, etc.) which is to be witnessed before the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

4. CHARTER MEMBERSHIP (when it becomes available) means that WBSITC will consider your application from your Church, Fellowship or Ministry to join WBSITC as a Fellowship Church, complete with a Charter No (only in Missouri, the USA as allowed by law). This means that bringing your Missouri-USA established Church, Fellowship or Ministry to us, is strictly in fellowship with us under compliance with the By-Laws, Statement of Beliefs or other requirements of WBSITC. This allows your Missouri-USA established Church, Fellowship or Ministry to be under a spiritual covering by the leaders of WBSITC. 

Therefore, WBSITC will provide for your Missouri-USA Church, Fellowship or Ministry a Certificate of Fellowship with its own Charter No allowing your Church, Fellowship or Ministry to conduct business and gather together a membership group that allows your group to be in a status of Right Standing with WBSITC. We will supply you with an Application, our Statement of Faith and/or any other required materials, which will be provided by WBSITC. 

Also, be it known that expanding a "Charter Membership" beyond the Missouri/USA is still being considered as a goal we are working toward. 

5. LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY CLARIFIED means that WBSITC will not be legally responsible for your ministry pertaining to its finances, or any dealings with the law of your state or country where you operate. All financial debt is clearly your responsibility. However, WBSITC does require its members to inform us of any and all wrongful activity, illegal operations you may be accused of or any court proceeded you may become involved in. Any sinful indiscretions performed by you or a member of your leadership should be dealt with in love, but also reported to WBSITC for further counsel and consideration. 

Depending upon the situation, WBSITC maintains the right to implement correction or discipline according to the scriptures. However, we are here for you and want to help you move past any obstacle in life if we can. BE IT KNOW that any such activity may cause you or your ministry to be subject to discipline or removal from WBSITC for a time of healing and adjustment. 

6. FEES means that a small amount of USD currency is required each year to cover the cost to process applications, run references and printing costs of all documents required submitted by you to WBSITC as relating to your Church, Fellowship or Ministry being a Charter Member of WBSITC. Also, this yearly fee helps with the continued development of WBSITC and it's functions. 

7. OFFERINGS means that WBSITC makes the suggestion that you support WBSITC with offerings on a monthly basis. This is not mandatory, but it would help to support the ministry functions of WBSITC by way of occasional donations. 

Be it known that WBSITC will NEVER demand offerings from those under our leadership. Also, we will NEVER suggest that you send us your regular giving that should be designate to your local church where you are committed. Supporting your pastor and the programs of your local church deserves your attention. 

Yet a monthly offering is suggested and welcomed, which can be simply done through our PayPal account (click ONLINE GIVING), or through the United States Mail system (aka, snail mail). 

8. SPIRITUAL COVERING means that under this program, you can join in fellowship with the legal corporation of WBSITC. We extend to you our knowledge of more than 47 years of ministry and pastoral experience. Be it known that a spiritual covering may include being a spiritual father (or spiritual mother) to many, but we do not intend to be a replacement for your natural parents. A spiritual father (or mother) lends an ear to hear what your heart is saying, but also gives advice and counsel from the scriptures. 

We are still developing the guidelines for this program and its many components are still being considered. On this site, you may continue to see words change and we expand and develop this program. 

While WBSITC is a legal Non-Profit Corporation, we are only suggesting to you that we will provide a spiritual covering according to the Bible. Also, WBSITC may also ask more of you as time goes by. Keep watching this program unfolds. 

APPLICATION for "Ordination of Ministers," or "Recognition & Confirmation of Apostles," or "Confirmation of Bishops." 

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