Diversity & inclusion

At Social Finance we actively seek people with a range of life experiences to join our community because we believe this makes our organisation stronger.

Our impact will be greater when our work is shaped by people with lived experience and expertise in the social issues we address. We want to be an organisation where people feel valued, where their voice is heard, and where they are proud of their achievements in driving social change.

But we know we have further to go. In 2020 following the renewed global attention to structural racism, we paused to reflect on our own practice and how Social Finance needs to change.

In response we are focusing on a new approach to help us deepen our social impact through building greater diversity within the organisation and a more sophisticated understanding of how our projects respond to diversity needs externally. Three key elements underpin our approach:


We are developing the strategy and vision for diversity and inclusion at Social Finance. We established a Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group to monitor the effective planning and delivery of the programmes of work. We also established a Race Equity Advisory Group to provide expert insight and challenge.


Making Social Finance diverse at all levels and ensuring our processes are inclusive and unbiased are key to our diversity and inclusion plans. We are committed to training our senior staff on leading a diverse organisation and to increasing opportunities for those in minority and underrepresented groups. Reaching new audiences through our recruitment processes is a priority.


Ensuring our work reflects the impact of social issues on ethnic minority groups and in turn designing inclusive solutions across all new and existing projects.

We have made progress on race equity and justice, and begun improving internal processes such as a Health & Wellbeing Plan and signed up to become a Disability Confident Employer to make Social Finance more inclusive. We will also ensure that our work encompasses other issues including gender, disability and sexual orientation. Our aim is that by developing deeper skills in one area we can use it as a springboard for making Social Finance inclusive across all areas, and more thoughtful about the dangers of normalcy and the benefits of diversity.

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